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Free Business Growth Tool Kit!

“Remove Your Liability
While Building Your business!”

Includes Tools That will:
  • Remove Your Business and Personal Liability
  • Reduce Business & Personal Taxes
  • Protect Your Business & Personal Assets
  • Transfer Your Business To Your Family Without Probate and Inheritance Taxes
  • Create Wealth Through Multiple Streams of Revenue
  • Optimize Your Opportunities
  • And Even More!!!

    John D. Rockefeller

    “Own nothing;
    Control everything!” ©

    Our Vision:

    “Pratt & LeFevre Corporation is the go-to authority for small business!”

    You’re in business, but does it work for you?

    Is your business putting you personally at risk? Is there a better way to structure your business liability?

    Join us for this thought provoking approach to business and see what you can do to create the layers of protection you need personally and professionally.

    Charge Forward

    We do everything other accounting firms do…
    And So Much More!

    At Pratt And Lefevre our experts help you build your “A Team” on a budget you can afford!

    Pratt and LeFevre Corporation is much more than a tax firm. We are a full service accounting firm but we focus on helping small businesses receive the benefits of large companies and protect themselves the way the wealthy do without having to pay what the wealthy pay for this help.

    We don’t leave you once you’re started. We stay with you to the end, helping you solve problems and treating your business like our business.

    Everything we teach is allowed by the IRS so you will have peace of mind!

    We have the experience!

    Pratt and LeFevre Corporation has been helping small businesses since March 2008!

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    Important information

    • Never avoid or fail to pay your taxes!
    • You have the right to do tax planning.
    • Never avoid your civic responsibility
    • Always receive professional advice
    • You have the responsibility to know The deductions allowed by the IRS
    • Your FIRST STEP is to know why you want to have your own business

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    We have been working with Pratt and LeFevre Corporation for some time now. In fact, they have been with us from the time our business began its potential nationwide expansion.

    In our growth they have been a tremendous help in restructuring our corporate entities to help protect us and our assets and realize our best tax potential. The Chairman has personally helped us and given us advice in handling our rapid growth.

    Scott A Johnson

    Owner, Always Collect