“Are You Lost?”

You Haven’t Registered for the Ides Of March Small Business Conference! Should We Send Out the Search Party?

What ONE idea or example or strategy exposed to you at The Ides Of March from one of the speakers might just double your profit in 2022?


I’m concerned!!

I looked at the list of everyone who is already registered to attend what is turning into the BIGGEST and BEST INCOME BUILDING event ever put together for Minnesota Contractors and Builders, JUST LIKE YOU, and I was shocked that you were NOT registered. Seriously, what are you thinking?

I have to warn you: waffling, waiting, or procrastinating is going to lock you out. We’re close to being
sold out!

Still everyday, a few more registrations come in. IF YOU MESS AROUND MUCH LONGER YOU WILL LOSE OUT – and there’s nothing I can do to make more room. (The Convention Center has very strict fire code limits and they will not allow one person over their allowable number.)

Frankly, I expect a flood of registrations between now and the end of the month because all of the speakers are also promoting the event to their own lists.

Top Four Things You’ll discover when you ATTEND The Ides of March Small Business Conference:

  1. A strategy that (legally and ethically) keeps money in your pocket, rather than lining the government’s..
  2. A strategy (same one, btw) that actually PROTECTS your assets, contrasted with many out there that pretend to, but which don’t in reality protect anything other than the accountant’s or attorney’s bank account..
  3. Why the structure most contractors currently use actually puts their asset at risk and doesn’t minimize their tax liability..
  4. How to get both BREAKFAST and LUNCH—on me..

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Discovery #1 – The strategy that (legally and ethically) keeps money in your pocket, rather than lining the government’s..

We all want to stay legal, and to be ethical about how we run our business. We also want to keep as much as possible in OUR pockets, rather than giving what we DON’T need to give to the government. Government is notorious for wastage of any kind of resource.

Discovery #2 – A strategy (same one, btw) that actually PROTECTS your assets, contrasted with many out there that pretend to, but which don’t in reality protect anything other than the accountant’s or attorney’s bank account..

Scary to think that there are predatory human-type vultures (and their attorneys) out there, ACTIVELY LOOKING for “marks” they can take advantage of. Could be a business partner, could be a spouse, could be a random off the street. Just like all savvy business person, they have a profile they use to determine who’s their next victim. THIS keeps you safe, even if you’re targeted.

There are a LOT of (usually) well-meaning business professionals out there who are happy to put the small contractor into an LLC or SCorp. And yes, those are a LOT better than being a sole proprietor—but they still leave you vulnerable to the previously-mentioned vultures.

These “typical” strategies also do NOT take into account estate planning. What happens if/when you unexpectedly pass on? Could be an accident, could be an unexpected illness. Probate is complicated—especially so with a business involved.

Discovery #3 – Why the strategy most contractors currently use actually puts their asset protection at risk and doesn’t minimize their tax liability..

A number of states require contractors to have specific business entities, but they don’t care to share how to use it, or why this puts the contractor AT RISK.

Discovery #4 – How to get both BREAKFAST and LUNCH—on me..

Hey, I know we start the conference early. Food is fuel, and the brain just doesn’t function well on donuts and coffee. Breakfast AND lunch, worth the attendance fee.

>> Bonus: networking with other contractors and business people.

Always great to meet other contractors and local business people. Those connections are gold, we never know who we’ll meet, or when we’ll need them down the road. Bring your business cards and an open mind, and come ready to connect.

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Top Ten Reasons To Sit Out The Ides of March Small Business Conference:

  1. I’m too busy
  2. I can’t be away from my business
  3. Geez, not another seminar………..
  4. I already have more ideas than I can use!
  5. I’ve heard enough from you to last two lifetimes..
  6. It’s in Duluth, for crying out loud!
  7. I’m too smart for the room..
  8. I don’t want to pay the deposit..
    …..Aw, heck, I couldn’t even think of ten good ones

Reason #1: – You’re too busy. Joe Karbo, one of the top copywriters in the world wrote a famous headline that reads…

“Are You Too Busy Making A Living To Make Any Real Money?”

Of course what I like to say is…

“Are You Too Busy Trying The “Old And Outdated” Way To Run Your Business To KEEP Any Real Money?”

Let me say this once: being “too busy” is really a pitiful excuse. It says you are doing the wrong work the wrong way, so you have no time to get smarter. It’s like being too busy mopping up the water to fix the roof.

If you’ve heard of Zig Zigler, the famous sales and motivational speaker, he’s famous for telling a story about a woodsman. The punch line of the story is…. “sharpening my ax.” The story is about how a woodsman who just keeps whacking away at the tree and never takes time to sharpen his ax is doomed to expend ever-increasing effort

Reason #2: – You can’t get away from your business. My friend, if things are so out of control, so chaotic, so desperately disorganized, that you can’t be away for a few days, then you need to be at the Ides of March Small Business Conference more than anybody else who is coming!

Reason #3: – This is NOT JUST another seminar. In fact, that’s the point. Yes… what I have done is bring in the top Management Accounting firm in the country.. They’re giving you actionable ideas and strategies, that have the power to put more money into your bottom line. Your accountant/tax pro likely doesn’t know this information.. and if—BIG, BIG IF—if they do, they’ll likely charge you an arm and a leg for it.

==> We think YOU deserve the same breaks the big guys get.

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Reason #4: – There are two sides to the “more ideas than I can use” position. Earl Nightingale liked to tell the story of the Farm Bureau representative calling in farmers, trying to get them to the next meeting. “No reason to come,” one farmer told him, “I’m not farmin’ half as smart as I know how to already.”

We know you’ve heard tons of ideas that you haven’t implemented. I’ll ‘fess up first – I’m guilty of this too! But this event isn’t necessarily about MORE ideas – it’s also about IMPLEMENTATION. Business rewards ACTION, and penalizes INACTION.

And there’s that one magic moment when somebody different talks about it in a slightly different way, and it just clicks. You get it, own it, can act on it. Won’t happen if you’re not there.

Reason #5: – What could you possibly get from ME? To be honest, this is not about me. It about the tax savings and the asset protection information you’ll get from the speakers. And it’s about networking with like-minded contractors you’ll meet from across the Iron Range, Duluth, Twin Cities and beyond, all of whom are looking to improve their business, JUST LIKE YOU.

Reason #6: – Duluth, Minnesota. Well, at least it’s not in the Twin Cities! In truth, there is absolutely no better place to be in late April than in Duluth. The lake is GORGEOUS. The weather is warm (I hope. Bring a jacket..) and you’ll have a nice drive up the evening before, and a good drive home that afternoon. You can get across town in 10 minutes, and back to the Cities in 3 hours.

Reason #7: – You’re too smart. Know too much. (I’m not and I don’t.) To be honest… I’m really looking forward to what I’ll gain from everybody else.

The people that get the most out of these events ARE the smartest there.

The more successful you are, the quicker and easier it is to get return-on-investment, because even a tiny tweak can equate to big dollars. Put your ego back in its box.

Reason #8: – The deposit.You’re getting breakfast AND lunch.. you couldn’t go out to eat for this little. We just want to cover a little bit of our expense of putting this on. You’ll get thousands of dollars of value, when you apply what you discover on April 26 to your business, in both tax savings and in asset protection.

How much money will you save by staying home?

Is missing this event the best decision you can make for yourself? I suppose you would have to consider the savings of staying home in arriving at that decision. So, let’s take a quick look — The fee is $60, practically nothing these days, so all you will have is travel, hotel, and incidental expenses. But investing in yourself, attending this Ides of March Small Business Conference has a huge potential to make a huge difference.

Ready? Sign up now at tinyurl.com/IdesDuMN

Here’s the expert line up for this unprecedented event. I PROMISE you’ll discover valuable BUSINESS BUILDING secrets from them—I have and do!

#1 IN PERSON – R.W. Haycock, CEO Pratt & LeFevre corp; Forensic Auditor, Management Accountant, Motivational Speaker, Author.

Strategies for Saving on Taxes and Securing Assets.

Ron has used this strategy for decades, implemented after an employee embezzled $150,000 from his business, destroying it. He’s also implemented the strategy into more than 400 clients’ businesses, protecting them from both taxes and asset loss. You’ll also discover how it protected his home and family in the Great Recession of 2008-2010.

Of course your tax savings depends on what you’re paying now, and what assets you have to protect. The return on this investment is always positive, considering it’s tax deductible itself, and will keep paying for itself going forward.

#2 IN PERSON – Ron Mayo President Pratt & LeFevre Corp, CEO American Expansion INC, Serial entrepreneur.

The Importance of Building an Advisory Team to Help You Build Your Business

We’re all specialists in our businesses, which means there are gaps in what we know and what we can do. We don’t know what we don’t know, which leaves us vulnerable to issues that come up in those areas.

THIS is why we need an advisory board. You’ll discover how to get one for a LOT less than you might imagine, and how vital it is to running your business.

#3 IN PERSON – Tiffany Stuart, National Sales Director, Pratt & LeFevre Corp.,

As a young entrepreneur, she’s worked her way from the bottom position in the company to the top in 5 years. She’s a serial entrepreneur. She excels in sales, marketing and business operations.

Other Presenters

#4 – Sarah Larsen, Corporate Attorney

Keeping Lawsuits From Shutting Down Your Business

Sarah has many years experience as a business attorney, skilled in contract law and bankruptcy law, and is the Sr. Attorney for a Small Business Law firm. She’s a client as well, having set up her business using this strategy.

She’ll share how to keep lawsuits from shutting down your business, as even if you’re in a low-risk industry, there are greedy people and attorneys looking to take from you – and they don’t care if you lose your business in the process.

She’ll show you how much of a “target” is on your business, and how to shut down the crooks who’d happily empty your bank account.

#5 – Keith Weaver, Author, National Speaker, former Practicing Attorney, Masters in Social Work, serial entrepreneur

Finding Your Advisory Team and Making Them Strategic Advisors

Keith has advised small business owners for years. And he brings the next critical piece to the table: how to find and put those people in place. How do you find them?

Here you discover your “A-Team,” who advise and refer so your business grows the way you need, so you can leave the legacy you want.

#6- Marvin Crowther

The IRS Isn’t Your Friend: How to Keep Them Away

Former IRS Resolution Specialist, Department Manager, and trainer of IRS Agents. The IRS targets small business owners because they are easy pickings. You’ll discover how much to tell them (as little as possible), and how to present your financial records in acceptable terms – not avoiding, not evasion, but how to be a non-desirable target for them. Marvin is likely to be your best (non) IRS friend.

#7 – Jeff Wood, CPA, CMA, Ria

How To Plan For the Future With Both Saving and Investing

Jeff is one of the brightest financial planners I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. He answers the question of “Do I save or invest?” brilliantly. For most of us, you’ll discover it’s not an either or – it’s a combination of both. You’ll discover how to find what YOU need – and how to get it even if you’re self-employed.

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Okay, let’s summarize:

Julius Caesar did not heed the warning to “Beware the Ides of March,” and hence was assassinated by the Roman Government. This “Ides of March Small Business Conference” will show you how to AVOID being assassinated by those who would do you in, including those who claim to be your friends.

==> There really aren’t any good reasons NOT to be at the Ides of March Small Business Conference. Excuses yes, good reasons, no. The investment is REDICULOUSLY low—you couldn’t get even an hour of time with any of these individually for the low investment you’ll make to attend.

==> There are a whole host of GREAT reasons to BE there. And I’m so certain that this will be the most profitable, fast paced, valuable event ever put together for the Construction Industry that I’m willing to put my wallet and reputation on the line. Surely you want to re-consider missing out on THIS!

So let’s get you in, before it’s too late to get in! If you are pretty darned SERIOUS about making REALLY BIG MONEY – or just preserving it as a legacy – then visit the online registration at tinyurl.com/IdesDuMN, fill it out, and hit the “Registration” button.

I’ll see you there!

Patricia Reszetylo

Pratt and LeFevre Management Accountants, Midwest Area Director

PS: Maybe you’ve waited your entire life for a “big break” of one kind or another. Maybe you’d like to take a really spectacular luxury vacation (instead of penny pinching). Put your whole family on a private jet, or a cruise. Send your kids to college without worry or debt. Move up to a better home yourself. And maybe you privately, deep-down wonder whether or not you’ve got what it takes to do these things. I understand, I was there myself. In fact, in 2020 when I came to Pratt and LeFevre, they believed in me and gave me my “big break.” I’m certain that this can be your big break!

P.P.S. Sign up now at tinyurl.com/IdesDuMN while you still can!