Tiffany StuartIn the last couple of issues, we have expressed the critical advantage offered by Pratt and LeFevre’s A-Team. Our company was created out of a dedicated effort to provide more unity in the support that entrepreneurs and small businesses receive. Our mission has led to the cultivation of an ever growing, and widely diverse team of skilled professionals who are just as passionate about entrepreneurs as we are. We now have over thirty professionals across the united states that are highly trained in fields like Tax Accounting, IRS Resolutions, Business Law, Tax Law, Bookkeeping, and have even acquired some marketing and business coaches who help our clients above and beyond their initial business needs.

We don’t want you to take it just from us, so we have decided to include insight from some highly respectable sources on the subject. In 2016, Luis E. Romero wrote an article for Forbes Magazine that stated, “We all know already that teamwork is the key to success in most realms of life and business. Only through teamwork can we combine different, complementary points of view to identify and seize hidden synergy opportunities, overcome difficult obstacles and achieve challenging objectives.” We believe we have done exactly this. We have combined different, yet complimentary points of view on business strategy, in order to create more opportunity for entrepreneurs around the nation.

In 2018, Alice Calin wrote an article for emphasizing the importance of teamwork for your business. She wrote, “Cooperation among teammates is one of the key elements of success. Working together towards a common goal, instead of competing for personal glory leads to great achievements.” This statement perfectly expresses our belief about our team. In our opinion, the focused dedication to offering extraordinary support for our clients has created significantly more impact than if we were each out striving to achieve our own goals.

Entrepreneur Magazine showcased an article written by a collaboration of entrepreneurial leaders. Baishali Mukherjee shared the belief that “In business, effective teamwork is the secret behind growth and success.” In our team, we have seen this prove to be true. It is not the ideas and actions of one individual, but the collective efforts of our entire team that have propelled our clients further in their business while sharing an education that will serve them for life in the realm of tax reduction and asset protection, and we are overjoyed and grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Company Growth Updates

Pratt and LeFevre has been making strides in our growth and capacity to bring value to our clients. We are dedicated to establishing an A-Team in every state.

One way we would like to help others during this time when so many businesses are struggling, is to extend the opportunity to strategically partner with us. If you have any interest in adding a revenue stream to your business while helping us create massive impact for the nations entrepreneurs and small businesses, please email

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September 23rd at 7:00pm MST – Strategic Structuring for Long-term Success (Check the next issue for a registration Link)

Quote of the Week

“If you want to quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Old Proverb

Reader Q&A

As we officially launch this new platform to bring added value to our new and existing clients, we would like to open the floor to a reader Q&A. We have an ever-growing team of Advisory Board members, and want to ensure that you are receiving the most value possible from them. What questions do you have, that if answered would help your business run more smoothly, increase your understanding and ability, or assist you in accelerating your business growth?

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