What Others Say About Pratt And LeFevre!

Alaina Rupe

Executive Producer, COO,
America's Real Deal

I am honored to recommend Ron Haycock with Pratt & LeFevre. He is a kind soul and an expert in helping businesses get organized. Being an Executive with ISM and an Executive Producer with America's Real Deal, where we help companies receive coaching, capital, and national exposure - the quality of people we partner with is of an upmost caliber. We love being partnered with Pratt & LeFevre and know they will always take excellent care of our clients, just as we do, to help them "own nothing, but control everything," with a strong corporate veil and proper entity structure. As a business professional, all about helping entrepreneurs, I am happy to recommend this company for any of your business needs.

Scott A Johnson

Always Collect

We have been working with Pratt and LeFevre Corporation for some time now. In fact, they have been with us from the time our business began its potential nationwide expansion.

In our growth they have been a tremendous help in restructuring our corporate entities to help protect us and our assets and realize our best tax potential. The Chairman has personally helped us and given us advice in handling our rapid growth.

We have found them always willing to help and every time we call they are there immediately to answer questions. As President of this company I would strongly admonish you to see what they can accomplish for you in your company and suggest that any business in a growth mode would benefit from their personal involvement. They have proven they are personally interested in our growth, often sacrificing what could be good for them to make our situation better.

Walter J.

Pratt and Lefevre helped me incorporate and set up my small business in 2016.  I was amazed at their  knowledge of the tax code . They were very thorough and helpful in walking me through the entire process, from setting up my corporate entity, to knowing which expenses I could deduct on my company. Pratt and Lefevre's help saved me several thousand dollars on my taxes in 2016, and they are a valued adviser in my future plans to grow my existing business, as well as my business interests going forward