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You’re in business but does it work for you. Is your business putting you personally at risk. Is there a better way to structure your business liability? Join us for this thought provoking approach to business and see what you can do to create the layers of protection you need personally and professionally.

During the webinar we will learn:

The pros and cons of organizing a:

  • C Corporation,
  • S Corporation,
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Sole Proprietorship

How to protect yourself from the litigious society in which we live. Be “Sue Proof”. Someone wants to sue you say “So, Sue Me! Go Right Ahead”

Only those with large egos want to own a lot and let people know how much. If you own nothing, you don’t run the risk of losing it. But, if you control everything you can keep it close to you and earn all the money you want.

Once you are protected, use your organization to realize the maximum tax benefits. Under no condition, avoid paying taxes. If you owe it, pay it. However, if the IRS offers you opportunities to reduce your tax liability it would be foolish not to take advantage of those rules.

What is the key to owning nothing, controlling everything and reducing your tax obligations? Your organization is the key. Learn Why and How!

For more information and help applying this to your situation contact Ron directly. 

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